Highly specialized technical staff with its own structure for research generation for the agricultural segment.

Conducts field trials and trails in controlled environments. The technical staff is composed of Ph.Ds, Doctors and Masters researchers from the agronomic area, ensuring maximum efficiency in the contracted reports.

Fields of research


Initial Screening of molecules

Formulation tests

Dose calibration curves

Screening of bio-products, defense inducers

Biological control of diseases, pests and nematodes

Plant nutrition

Development tests

Regulatory testing (ABPM)

Biochemical tests

Molecular Tests



• Absorption of products

• fungicide mobility

• reaction of cultivars to pathogens

• reaction of cultivars to pathogens

• Pesticide residues in plant products

• Seed treatment

• Plant nutrition / disease ratio

• Biological products

• Plant activators

• Nematode count

• compatibility studies of tank pesticide mixtures


• Product effectiveness

• Product competition and positioning

• Plant nutrition / disease ratio

• Effect of seed treatment

• Differential response of cultivars to fungicides

• Cultivars evaluation

Growth Rooms

• Studies with root pathogens

• Studies with root insects

• Direct and indirect physiological effects

• Stress tolerance

• Efficacy studies and Reproduction factor in nematodes


• Nematode studies in soil and root

• Seed transmissibility studies

• Diagnoses

• Sensitivity of pathogens to fungicides

• Insect bioassays

• Pathogen bioassays

• In vitro and in vivo tests Chemical and biological products

• Efficacy studies and Reproduction factor in nematodes

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